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Lately I have been thinking about my "brand". It seemed to be a bit all over the place by using various fonts on my website, promo pieces, etc. I decided it was time to correct that problem and really focus on an identity for my work. Since I work on books, graphic novels, and comics, but still do commercial pieces, I needed a look that encompassed those areas of my illustrations. It had to be simple, FUN, graphic, easy to read, somewhat cartoony, but had similarities to my style. I rarely do this, but I went with the first thing that popped into my head. It was one of those moments of clarity when doing a logo, especially for yourself. I did do some research, hoping that there wasn't anything exactly like it. So far, I haven't found anything.

For the first time in public, I am introducing my official logo and brand identifier. I hope you like it.

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