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Back from the Dead

I think it is time to bring back my blog from the dead. I debated doing this since everything is on social media now, but I need a break from that platform. It has gotten too negative. The world needs more love and understanding, especially now. We are in this together, and as one, we can shine through. Since my last post, I have gone though a career roller coaster. I have worked on some books, found a new agent, parted with that agent, and now have the perfect one for me. We are working on several book ideas, including graphic novels. That format has really intrigued me and I enjoy the process. I also am planning a web comic which I hope to launch this summer. Stay tuned for that. I will not post personal stuff here, just my work related interest. There are other platforms for that. Besides, you probably came here to get away from food photos to see some artwork. Take a stroll through my site, let me know what you think, and sign up for my newsletter. Who knows how often I will post on my blog. Hopefully, more than once every two years. Until next time, stay safe.

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