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Whew! I'm Glad That's Over

Goodbye 2017 and good riddance! What a year to forget! Anyone else thought it was just a crappy year? Not just with the political climate, that seems to infect every waking moment, but just the overall heaviness that the year put upon our shoulders. I am glad it is over, and I'm hoping for a brighter, and lighter, new year. It wasn't all doom and gloom. I am still here so I think that is a good thing. Lynn and I were able to do some trips to Washington and Tennessee with a stop in Pennsylvania. It was wonderful to see family and friends during those trips. I managed to get a new dummy ready for Danielle, who was able to get out to publishers before the year's end. We both are optimistic about this one. I had new books that I illustrated hit the shelves as well. We do not do resolutions for the new year. They are pointless as you get older. We tend to set some goals that are attainable. I know for me, it is to have more of a positive attitude and vibe. It can be difficult to have both when you feel beaten down. You will probably see me less on social media, especially Facebook. I want to spend my time more wisely, and work on new book ideas while trying to improve as an artist. We all know that social media can wear you down like a pencil. It also does not help with one's positive outlook. Most of my posts will originate on Instagram so look for me there.

The other thing I want to do is play music again. I have not touched my banjo much this pat year, and the itch to pick the bass up again is too strong to ignore. Music is my second love, next to creating books and other illustration/fine art pieces. I realize that I do not get out as much as I once did and have become more of a recluse. The goal is to amp up my school and library visits so I am around my audience, the kids. They always invigorate me and seeing what they create, is inspiring. I think spending time more time with friends, going on hikes, sitting by the ocean, reading, etc., will definite help me find me again. I know I have some friends who had a much more difficult year. My hope is that they too, have a much brighter 2018. Let's all hold one another up and help when we can.

Cheers to 2018! “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ~ Brad Paisley*

*I'm not a Brad Paisley fan, but this quote seems appropriate.

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