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After many weeks of plotting, designing, and cursing, my new website is finally up and running. This was quite an adventure, moving from my old host to Wix. I asked fellow illustrators what they used, it came down to Squarespace or Wix. Squarespace was nice, with beautiful design templates, but I felt that Wix was more flexible for my needs. Adding a store, blog, and more template options were key in the decision. Plus being a bit cheaper helped. There are some new additions to the structure of the new site. I moved my blog over so it has its own page here, shutting down my Blogspot page. Now I have no excuse for not posting news, events, rants, etc. more often than I did. I felt bad for my old blog. It was like the middle child, you know it is there, but often over looked. I am also hosting my store now on the site. My Etsy store is shuttered. With the number of folks selling stuff on their site, I felt like one could get lost. Let's see if this experiment works. Bookmarks will be added to the store shortly. Stay tuned! There is now a FAQ page. I was getting some of the basic questions asked frequently. This should help answer a few of those. This page will be expanded as time goes on. I know I am missing a few key questions. My brain is tired. The BIG thing with the new site is that I can update and add new content with ease. With me doing daily sketches regularly, I can now add those pieces by dragging and dropping them into place. Any new books or illustrations can be added as well. Using the old method with Dreamweaver, FTPing, etc. was just too time consuming. Life should be easier now. Should be. So here it is. If you see any typos, grammatical errors, hiccups, or whatever, shoot me an email. I would greatly appreciate it. Time for a long nap. "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity." ~ Charles Mingus Here is an image just to see how it post.

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